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“Hey GOP: Stop Being So Mean”

Trump thinks the GOP is trying to keep him from scoring The Deal of the Decade, or as the rest of us know it, the GOP nomination. Here is the predictable reaction in TrumpWorld from today’s New Yorker:

COW So Mean (2)

Wrongo got to spend time with the owner of his local PC repair company today. During the work on the PC, the talk turned to politics. The owner said quite a few things that everyone in America seems to feel, that politicians can’t be trusted, that they do nothing to solve America’s problems, and are just there to line their pockets.

He is a two-time voter for Obama, but is leaning this year towards Donald Trump. Two issues are fueling his thinking: First, that illegal immigration is a real issue, and that our economy, and to some extent our society, are being harmed by a large flow of immigrants. We live in Connecticut. Our county has the lowest population density of any county in Connecticut and is geographically, the state’s largest county. We are the whitest county: The 2010 census shows our county to be 94% white, and 1.3% black or African American. People of Hispanic or Latino origin made up 4.5% of the population. So, we enjoy little diversity, although many of our lawn and construction workers are Hispanic.

My computer guy points to a neighboring city in another county which has had large increases in black and Hispanic populations since 2000, now with 25% of its population Hispanic, and 8% black, both up dramatically.

Second, he thinks that Obamacare hurts his business. Never mind that his healthcare comes through his wife’s job, and that he has less than 5 employees, so his business isn’t paying for health insurance.

He also gives Obama no credit for America’s recovery from the Great Recession, saying that it took a really long time to recover, and the economy probably would have recovered on its own.

He is concerned that Trump would be an inappropriate president, a guy who can’t speak civilly to foreign leaders. He isn’t sold on Trump’s foreign policy either.

It is a sample of one. A two-time Obama voter who doesn’t think he has anywhere to go in November. He doesn’t think Hillary is the one; he thinks Sanders is a fringe player, right along with Trump.

He’s looking for a leader, and wonders why nobody who is truly great wants the job.

But that’s easy to understand. Too many people pin their hopes on getting “the right person” in the presidency, not realizing that it takes much more than just the leader to get the wheels of change moving.

Without courage and support from both houses of Congress, government won’t move an inch. Trump or Sanders could win, and be completely unable to steer the ship of state anywhere but where the oligarchs choose for to go.

Connecticut will be a reliable state for the Democrats in the fall, but they need to think again if they plan to use the same old interest group song and dance that worked to elect Obama in 2008 and 2012.

My PC guy isn’t gonna buy it.

It’s doubtful that he’s alone.


  • Terence McKenna says:

    It is sad that whatever information your PC guy receives is so skewed that he cannot even grant our president his successes. But where in the old days, the news would be presented to folks in digestible and intelligent article in daily newspapers, folks now appear to get everything in sound bytes that delivery only the easiest most digestible tidbits – usually simplistic and ofter wrong.

    April 15, 2016 at 7:04 am
  • Wrongologist says:

    @Terry: agree. The other headline is how the Democratic Party has not been able to keep its base engaged. Obama for America became a powerful internet political information disemminatiion and organizing tool. When it was transferred to the DNC, and became Organizing For Action, it lost its edge, devolving into a just another shrill internet voice, constantly asking for $. I began to think of it like Mother Jones or Alternet, without the content, a terrible waste of a hugely valuable asset.

    April 15, 2016 at 7:43 am
  • Terry McKenna says:

    i was in NYC on September 11 2001 – at work. and in the months following, was constantly reminded of the terror attacks. Once, while on my commuter train into Penn Station, an “arab” looking man sat next to me. He looked a bit worried but was not carrying anything and – though i was worried too, i used my brains and guessed that he was not a threat right at the moment. I listened to the news carefully that day and the day after. There was no attack anywhere, though for all I know, he was a member of a terror cell.

    That said, he could have been a college student who was tired of being asked if he was an arab.

    May 9, 2016 at 9:18 am

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