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Sunday Cartoon Blogging – May 27, 2018

Wrongo and Ms. Right are at Fredrick Chopin airport in Warsaw, heading to JFK. This is an abbreviated post with a few more photos from our time in Poland and Hungary, along with a few cartoons:

Pierogis at Baza Smakow, Warsaw, Poland:

2018 photo by Carol Huston

St. Ann’s Church, Warsaw:

2018 photo by Wrongo

1963 Volga, a Russian car outside a wedding in Warsaw:

2018 photo by Wrongo

And a final photo from Budapest, the Liberty Bridge:

2018 photo by Wrongo

A few cartoons from another week where truth was again stranger than fiction. Opinions of Trump scuttling talks with North Korea differ:

Kim cancels arrangements for Trump summit:

NFL decides to punt on kneeling by the players. Trump suggests that the kneelers leave the USA. Some of us stand because we think we can be better. Some kneel to remind the rest of us to be better:

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