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Sunday Cartoon Blogging – Super Bowl Edition, February 3, 2019

Super Bowl Sunday has finally come. Wrongo made chili and a new batch of tomatillo sauce. Everybody likes a day when we’re free to eat and drink whatever is set in front of us. The Super Bowl has become a de facto holiday, one for which calories don’t count.

Trump likes to gloat that the NFL is in real trouble. Thanks to him, no one watches the games. Everyone is too angry at the uppity black football players, many of whom have knelt during the national anthem. He ignores that they are protesting police brutality against African-Americans. Despite What Trump says, today’s game will be the most-watched TV broadcast of the year. The Super Bowl is the last unifying moment when the whole country tunes in together.

Howard Schultz’s decision to run has made enemies of some Democrats:

Trump’s dream order:

Saturday was Groundhog Day. Trump didn’t see a wall:

Trump says Intelligence Chiefs are wrong about threats:

Anti-Vax’ers have a lot in common with POTUS:

Capitalism Reform must happen soon:



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