Sunday Cartoon Blogging – December 11, 2022

Wrongo subscribes to John Dick’s, CEO of Civic Science, weekly newsletter. Last week Civic Science was first up with an opinion poll on the Brittney Griner prisoner swap. Turns out America wasn’t happy with it:

“Fifty-two percent of Americans disagreed with the decision, compared to just 37% who agreed (11% had no opinion, somehow)…..Political affiliation was highly correlated, with strong Rs opposing the move at 82% and strong Dems supporting it at 72%. Folks in the middle were anything but balanced, however, where 53% of moderates rejected the swap, while just 33% celebrated it.”

They sampled 1,876 American adults:

It’s a conundrum to Wrongo why 52% of Americans think it’s a bad decision. Would people rather we walked away from any deal just to keep Viktor Bout in jail and leave Brittney Griner in a Russian penal colony? Not wanting to let Bout go before his sentence was completed is understandable. What’s not understandable is whatever happened to American compassion and empathy? On to cartoons, although there isn’t much to laugh at here.

Why so hypocritical?

Trump delivered for Dems:

Mitch and Chuck agree:

Hershel Walker and another guy who needs a walker:

Kyrsten enters the game:

Trump’s business is a tax fraud, but he’s still taxing:


David Price

I don’t think it’s that much of a conundrum why Dems and GOP differ so much on the Griner swap. It’s tribalism. If our guy did it, we approve; if the other guy did it, we disapprove. Of course, neither team will go anywhere near irony.