Sunday Cartoon Blogging – March 5, 2023

Not sure who buys their drugs at Walgreen’s but this seems like a bad management decision:

“The nation’s second-largest pharmacy chain confirmed Thursday that it will not dispense abortion pills in several states where they remain legal — acting out of an abundance of caution amid a shifting policy landscape, threats from state officials and pressure from anti-abortion activists.”

It seems that Republican state attorneys general in about 24 states wrote to Walgreens in February, threatening legal action if the company continued distributing the drugs in their states.

These abortion pills are the nation’s most frequently used method for ending a pregnancy.

The company subsequently told the states that it will not dispense abortion pills either by mail or at their brick-and-mortar locations in those states.

This is where America is at: Large corporations are doing more to obstruct access to abortion than the law requires. On to cartoons.

Women’s history month at the Supreme Court:

Wrongo and Ms. Right watched the Oscar-nominated movie “Women Talking” last night. It’s message is that women should no longer accept things they cannot change; that it’s time to change the things they can’t accept. Like the Dobbs decision.

Tennessee outlaws drag. And they’re so pro-life that they want to execute any woman who gets an abortion.:

Make facts your weapon:

Disney today:

Dilbert exits:

Jimmy’s with us for a little while longer: