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Sunday Cartoon Blogging – May 8, 2016

Wrongo came back from Europe with the flu, and he is still playing hurt. Maybe this week will bring a cure. There were good cartoons this week, however.

The GOP spent millions over the past 30 years building their Get Conservatives Elected machine, only to have a gifted amateur seize the controls and eviscerate their strategy. Take a look at the GOP’s monster love child:

COW Merger

This week, Trump had his way with the GOP:

COW Morning After

Trump repeats story about Ted Cruz’s father from the “National Enquirer”:

COW Gassy Troll

Bernie plans to wait till the, well you know. Hillary’s dismaying weakness with Democrats is something to worry about. Bernie is likely to win at least 20 state primaries:

COW Bernie Math

State of the art in today’s electronic voting:

COW Voting Machines


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