Trump Channels George Costanza

The underlying personality trait of George Costanza is that he’s a liar. He doesn’t try to hide it, he wears it as a badge of honor, and he takes great pride in his dishonesty. Here, in George’s own words:

Those who read the Wrongologist in email can view the video here.

The Donald is the second coming of George Costanza. With all his lying, Prima Donald didn’t have a great Monday. From the Daily Beast:

Monday was an incredible day of falsehoods for the GOP nominee.

The DB goes on to list and rebut a series of lies that Trumpy put out at a few campaign stops and on a pre-recorded piece for Sean Hannity of Fox News. Read the whole list here.  In addition, Prima Donald:

These are just a few of his recent whoppers. Why is he like this? He’s a man whose mentality is completely focused on closing deals. He, like many senior business leaders, sees everything as a transaction.

Wrongo has a lifetime of big business experience with dozens of people like Trump, people who identify with the deal. The deal validates who they are. They wine, dine, flatter, intimidate, abuse psychologically; the closer does whatever it takes to get the signature on the bottom line.

Then the closer walks away, and is on to the next deal, repeating the process. If shit happens after the close, there are designated handlers who are tasked with fixing it, it’s not the closer’s job. Whatever was said or done to close the last deal is irrelevant to the next one. The closer is walled off from the last deal, and the sole focus is validating his/her worth by closing the next one. There is no feeling of remorse for prior actions, no blow-back penetrates the wall.

For Trump, the idea that people would hold his bullying and insults against him must be surprising. That is why he fights back so angrily when caught up short.

Turning his personality to the political arena, Trump above all thrives on winning. He needs to be able to point to victories and yell: I WON! I WON! I WON!

Between the end of the Conventions and Election Day, it’s beginning to look like there aren’t going to be a lot of well-defined victory moments for Prima Donald.

Three months is a long time for a thin-skinned addict to go without his fix.

This is his temperament. It should disqualify him.

Fred Van Kempen

As Mr. Trump’s attitude and demeanor become ever more outrageous, more and more Americans; now including Republican office holders, the koch brothers, a growing list of Americas billionaires, members of the military, religious leaders and their representative organizations, leaders of other nations, our current president, veterans groups, and various minority groups,and possibly crying babies across the land, have figured out what an empty suit he really is. In spite of that, we continue to be astounded that his base, said to be middle aged and older angry white men with little education, have not yet realize the con. In their blind allegiance to their newly identified savior, they need to know that they are increasingly at risk of being seen as selfish and unpatriotic themselves. Not that many of them know what a “Faustian bargain” is but that is what they are stepping into. The problem with this for the country is that it’s not only their soul at stake here but in their mindless anger, the are putting the nations soul on the sacrificial alter as well. While, at this point, I don’t think Mr. Trump will prevail, his candidacy has revealed the truth about those who yell the loudest about being patriotic Americans, they are anything but.

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